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Question on making a topical antibiotic

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okay, i am currently on amoxicillin for an infection, and i was WONDERING why the past few days my face has felt AMAZINGly smooth and not in pain. normally, i have tons of horrible cysts and a bunch of other random pimples, and i also have an exacerbating picking problem. but since starting the course of amoxicillin, i haven't found much to pick at! :D:D

anyways, happiness aside, i am also on birth control, and would not like to have an exacerbating baby problem (although i hear you clear up during the baby harboring...). so, i can't just keep taking the oral antibiotic forever like some people do. i used to do ibuprofen gel which worked pretty well (tasted terrible, went on to try caveman), and the guy on here who got me into it talked about mixing your own out of ibuprofen tablets. and i guess some people do the same with aspirin.

so my question is, instead of hunting down some crazy gel and alcohol bases to create a concoction, could i just open up the antibiotic capsules and mix it with some of dan's glorious moisturizer (not the alpha hydroxy one, although i've got some of that too), and apply that twice a day? would it actually absorb?

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no input? well, for the record, it is really effective. and it's been 2 weeks since i've taken it orally, so it is not residual. :)

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