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Starting Dan's BP - Mild Acne

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Hiya everyone!

Hoping I can get some advice with this =)

I've been using Benzac AC (5%) BP on and off for the past two years or so, and my skin really likes it most of the time, and I'm mostly clear, with the exception of 3-4 blemishes at that time of the month, and around ovulation time. So overall I'm quite happy with my skin. After looking at the Acne.org regimen, I decided to change things up a little, and I've now changed my cleanser to Cetaphil instead of the medicated Benzac AC 5% cleanser, and have started using the Cetaphil moisturizer. My skin is much less dry, and much happier since doing that, and no more or no less blemishes. So, I decided to start using a bit more BP day and night, about 3/4 of a finger length rather than between 1/4 and 1/2 a fingers length day and night, and my face has become very dry and I always look a bit sunburnt, lol. I don't really like this, and my skin hasn't improved since using more, nor has it become worse, so I've decided to order Dan's BP (I jumpled right in and ordered the 16oz), in hope that it will be more effective than the Benzac, and also more gentle, it being 2.5% and from what i hear, the best there is =D.

I am also hoping to switch to just doing BP at night now, because I want to be gentler on my skin - I don't think it needs it day and night, as I only really get blemishes at hormonal times of the month... but I'm not sure!

So, what do you think? Will dan's BP work better for me? (its cheaper cos its a bigger bottle anyway, lol) and do you think I should keep using more when it arrives, or use less again? And should I try using only once a day?

Sorry for all the questions! Hope someone can help =D

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