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Clearing Red Marks with Mary Kay Mini Microdermabrasion Set?

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Alright, so I've been struggling with stubborn red marks for quite a while now and am willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of them. My mom gave me something called "Mary Kay: Mini Microdermabrasion Set". It comes with two tubes, one that is "Affinement" and the other that is "Replenish". Is this safe to give a try?

Just to give you a general idea of what else I'm doing to fix my acne and red marks, this is my current daily route:

-DKR Regimen (2x a day)

-Take Erythromycin (750mg: 3x a day)

-Take Fish Oil (x3), Performance Multivitamin (x1), Calcium Citrate (x2), and Glucosamine (x2)

The main problem with how bad my face looks is the hideous red marks, and while I do still get acne, it's not a huge amount since I'm stopping most of the incoming acne with Benzoyl Peroxide and Erythomycin. I know a lot of people claim that BP prolongs the healing process for red marks, but in my case, it seems to be helping to fade them.

For example, five weeks ago I decided to quit the Regimen for various reasons, but afterwards my acne just got even worse without it and my red marks looked much more awful too, so I decided to go back on it three weeks later, and what do you know? My face has looked a lot better ever since. Sure, I still have a lot of red marks, which make me extremely depressed, anti-social, and give me low self-esteem, but atleast my face isn't covered in acne. Red marks have pretty much destroyed my life. My right cheek is covered with them, my left cheek has a decent amount of them, my forehead has a tiny amount, and then both of my temples have a ton of red marks around the area. My chin, however, is pretty much clear. Most of my red marks look like they are fading, I only have a few that actually really stand out from the rest. I'd take pictures, but for the sake of not wanting to kill myself, I'd rather not.

What really confuses me is, in pictures and videos of myself, you can't really see my red marks unless I am super close to the camera. Is this normal? I know when someone has acne, because of how inflamed it is, you can notice it from a pretty good distance. So I guess having red marks is a little bit better than having straight-up acne, but whatever, I just want it gone. I try to avoid my friends at all costs, and when I do end up hanging out with them, I pretty much look away while they are talking to me. I can't go into banks or stores without looking away while talking to people. I can't talk to girls, which really saddens me. Anytime a girl does talk to me, for whatever ridiculous reason because I look like complete shit, I can't help but kind of blow them off.

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Microdermabrasion isn't as effective as something like a chemical exfoliant such as glycolic acid/alpha hydroxy acid. See the link in my signature that starts "Glycolic acid product...." for products that board members have liked and used. :)

There are plenty of other types of AHA, too that you could look into, such as lactic acid. Lac Hydrin 5 for one.

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do these kind of products make your skin extremely sensative to the sun?

Yes. SPF 30 should be worn when using most chemical exfoliants.

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