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So I've never posted on a message board before, it's really quite stressful! What if I accidentlly break a rule or say something stupid?! :P But it's one of those weeks.

I'm sticking with the regimen, I've made my way through the dry skin and redness, but I've had a delightful breakout on both sides of my face and chin, and unsurprisingly it's really getting me down. And I'm feeling a bit pathetic, because I can't moan to my Mum as she gets as upset as me, my friends all have wonderful skin and I can only bear troubling them so much, and it's not something I desperately want to draw my boyfriend's attention to constantly.

I think I just want someone in the same position, or someone who's got through it and loves to cheer others up, because it seems at the moment that I've just got many more years of this battle to go through and I'm disheartened.

If I get any angry types who just want to tell me to suck it up, honest I'm trying ;)

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I know how you feel :( iv had acne for 3 years now but finally it's starting to go away (I have genetic acne) dans regime seriously helped!! Push through the break out and keep on the regime and you will be surprised how much it will clear up. :) chin up! And hey if you need someone to ever talk to MSG me :)

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You've certainly come to the right place. We all here understand, unlike a clear-skinned person could.

For me, concentrating on things I do well and enjoying them with passion always help me completely stop worrying about my skin. I only break out when i don't do my regimen, but I do have significant scarring.

Lose yourself in the moment, enjoy what you're doing, try to derive pleasure from 'simple' things: a sunset, a breeze, cold weather, hot weather, a successful endeavor. :D Good luck, you shall overcome.

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Thanks so much, you guys are so nice! :)

I definitely know what you mean about focusing on something else, I don't obsess 24 hours a day because you have to have something to take your mind off it (otherwise you'd go mental, and you'd have to sit doing nothing to not be distracted from self pity :P). But I guess the problem with teenage acne is I'm young, and when I don't have exams my life seems to revolve around acne. I know it doesn't deep down! Haha, but what can I say, it's gonna be a big deal for the next few years even if it shouldn't be :/

It's good to talk to people that don't just tell you "it's not that bad though" I have to say!

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