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Need clear skin in 4.5 months

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I am getting married in 4.5 months and I want clear skin at least once in my life! I have been on the Dan's regimen following it closely for a while. When I first started using it in 2008 my skin cleared up almost completely, I went on birth control to prevent cysts that kept forming on my ovaries, and I broke out once again. Since I have been on birth control I cannot clear my skin up. I have switched to a low dose birth control and only saw minor improvement. I believe it is hormonal acne as I started breaking out when I was 14, and I am now 29. Any suggestions or help. I am pretty desperate. I used minocycline in the past as well as many prescription topical creams. Minocycline worked the first time around but when I tried it again recently I had 0 improvement. I have extremely oily skin, and my acne is red bumps, and whiteheads. I rarely get a blackhead. I have had the most success with BP. Salicylic Acid has never worked for me.

Help I am desperate.

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Maybe try to get in to see a dermotologist? If you got on a perscription topical quickly, any initial breakout would be over before your wedding. Also id benzoyl peroxide worked well for you in the past something like Duac or Benzclyn might work wonders for you. If a dermotologist is not a possibility I would suggest sticking with the regualar 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and making sure to moisturize. You could also try using salilyic acid in the am- alot of people have had success with Paula Begoun products-you can search on the internet and view the website.

Also some supplememts I would recommend are Zinc and fish oil. I also like to make a honey mask every now and then as it helps reduce redness and pimple size.

Have you thought of switching your kind of BCP?

Good luck and congrats on your wedding :)

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