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Types of acne.

For all those that take drastic measures to heal their acne aka popping

Whiteheads:There are 3types of these guys.

1.Surface whitehead: I get these on my chin upper lip,they cannot be popped cause they are too close to the surface,use a needle to pop them.They heal fairly fast on their own though in 2-4 days(they dry out and fall off)

2.Whitehead in the skin: These are your common whiteheads,this type tends to come back in 2-3 hours if not popped correctly.

3.Inflamed whitehead:If you pop these alot of blood will come with them,try to get out as much blood as possible.

Blackheads:I also found 3 types of blackheads in the past 4 years.

1.Brownhead: These if squeezed will release solid white pus that comes out like a worm.(very similar to milia)

2.Blackhead:These will release a chunk of solid pus,commonly brown in color

3.Dried whitehead,you can feel these,they are created by the dried pus thats still attached to your skin,(they are like half pus in skin and half pus out).You can grab these with tweezers and pull them out.

Cysts:2 types here until now..i hope i dont discover any more

1.The "bump":these usually are deep into the skin,you better leave them alone.

2.Red inflamed cysts:This compose of 70% of my acne,they can be popped very easily and literally explode,for some reason i bleed ALOT from these,you bleed more from these than a deep razor cut.They also tend to come back pretty fast.

Any input will be very appreciated.

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Cysts type 1 I think is called a nodule.

Have had all those type of acne spots on my body or face somewhere or other. Have had cysts type 1 & 2 on my back and ass and once on the front of my neck. Plus I've had all 3 types of blackhead and whitehead usually on the cheeks.

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Interesting post. I have found that a type II whitehead will often turn into a type III white head after an unsuccesful popping attempt.

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The only way i found out to stop zits from coming back is getting alot of blood out,this will leave you a "black mark" though(in case of big/deep zits),like a bruise.If you get this bruise it will take some time to go away but you wont scar or get another zit there for some time.


Some other forms of acne:

Milia:Small bumps with the color as the skin:Easily popped,the pus comes out solid in a worm-like manner.

Boil:These usually are not acne,they are unusually large and they wont pop no matter how much you try,they look like a mosquido bite or the like.They go away in 2-3 days.

Some "rare" types:

Stealth Zit smile.gif : I only got this one once..i squeezed a slightly discolored area (no bump,inflammation or anything to indicate a zit) and a lot of pus bursted out.Only got this once on the side of my nose.

Multi-zit:This starts as a big red shiney raw bump,it is somekind of an cyst but can host multiple whiteheads,these are VERY hard to get rid off,and the only way ive found is to pop them,they cure relatively fast.

Yellowhead: If you leave your skin without washing it for alot of time and you have a ton of sebum on your face 24/7 youll get these,old zits will become this.They are almost totally detached from your skin and they are what i like to call the "corpse" of a zit,dont remove them cause usually there is some pus underlying that may cause more trouble.They will fall off fast enough.

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I've had one of those multi-zits, I don't think it's a cyst, it's more like bunch of whiteheads popping all together, it does take about 2 weeks to totally heal up though

and they don't leave scars like cysts, it only leaves a red mark

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