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The beginning of the end (hopefully) for acne

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I have been lurking on these boards for a little while, and decided to start a log :) I am almost 27 and have been dealing with acne since I was 13, so basically half of my life haha. I have literally been on every treatment there is: various topicals, various antibiotics + topicals, birth control pills + topicals + antibiotics, proactiv, "skin clearing makeup" etc. When I was ~18-20 I had severe acne, and my dermatologist had wanted to put me on Accutane, but I declined, scared of the side effects, and thinking I would grow out of it with age. Well, I think I've "aged" enough haha, and it's still here :wacko: My acne probably falls into a mild/moderate category now, but there are always at least 1-2 actives (at good times). I don't just get simple pimples. I get huge red inflamed monsters that turn into white heads. I did notice an improvement after starting Ortho-Tri-Cyclen, and moved away from the severe category but it was still there. My skin was also extremely oily, and that never changed. It was that thick, gunky oil. It would hit about 1-2 hrs after waking and accumulate all day. I would completely saturate 2 of those oil-blotting sheets and 1 hour later, the oil would be back in full force.

I had to go to 3 dermatologists to finally find one that would put me on Accutane. The first, said I wouldn't need it, and instead, recommended a series of (EXPENSIVE) chemical peels. I became frustrated and saw this as another temporary fix that wouldn't work, because nothing has worked so far. It wouldn't change my oily skin, I would still get breakouts and more scars..no thanks. The other dermatologist wanted to "up" my topicals and put me on another antibiotic,and offered some glycolic acid cleanser to lessen the oil. My skin doesn't respond to topicals or antibiotics..and the cleanser also seemed like a temporary fix. Finally, I found my 3rd dermatologist who looked at my history and meds, and suggested Accutane right away. God bless him!

After 13 years, I am SICK of it....I'm sick of always having to wear makeup, feeling self-conscious at the pool, gym, while camping, etc. I dream of the day I'll be able to go out without a stitch of coverup and feel confident and beautiful. I also have had some scarring after all of this time, and I don't want it to get any worse :confused:

So here I am at day 20! My gosh, it was a huge hassle going through that ipledge stuff! My side effects have mostly been dryness-related. The dry lips set in by day 3...and were hardcore from the start! They are probably my biggest side effect. If I don't have my aquafor, my lips literally shrivel up..it's a very attractive look haha. I have also had some cracking at the corners of my mouth and the peeling icky stuff at the sides of my nose. My hands have also been dry. I'm not surprised by this, because they always get really dry in the winter and crack no matter how much lotion I use. The cracking set in when it was 80 degrees outside though, so I'm a little concerned about winter....eeek. Would love some recommendations for really good hand lotions!

Around day 7, I noticed my face was producing a lot less oil, which was wonderful! The acne I had, was beginning to dry up too, so I assumed I'd make it through without an initial breakout. WRONG haha. Around day 17, I noticed some new nodules, and now I have several actives and a few scary looking big guys, including 2 right below my lip..ouch. My right cheek has always been the biggest problem area, and it is currently following suite. My skin hasn't been this bad in a while, but it's still not as bad as when I had severe acne (hoping it never gets that bad again). I'm ok with this IB too, because it means the medicine is working...it's just bad timing with Halloween parties and cute guys. :rolleyes:

I have had no other side effects..not even dry eyes, which is good b/c I wear contacts. I have my eye drops ready in case that changes! So yeah, just super dry lips, crusty nose sides, dry hands, and an IB (all manageable).

All in all, I'm excited to have started this medication, and really hope that it works!!!

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