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The Dolittle Regimen + Arm/Chest Acne

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Hello everyone! I am LuckyOne. I battled moderate adult body acne, mainly on my arms and chest, for about 2 years, and tried everything from BP to Differin and antibiotics.

My skin literally looks ten times better now than it did after a painstaking 3 months of following a BP regiment to the letter. I have sensitive skin. If you do too, you should give this a try!

If you think you've tried everything, maybe it's time to try less. Or, better said, Dolittle:

Gently clean your skin once every other day with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser*, and gently clean your skin with just water on your off day. That's all it took for me to get clear skin.

*Not the Face Wash, just the Gentle Skin Cleanser. Use generic versions with caution. I use the Discount Drug Mart brand and it works just as well as Cetaphil at half the price. I also tried the Meijer version and it didn't feel the same. It might still work, but I didn't like it.

The idea is a compromise between the Do Nothing Regimen and common acne cleansing advice. I found better results combining the two than washing twice per day, or washing... never, as the Do Nothing Regimen instructs.

The acid mantle clearly plays a large role in skin health. Alkaline cleansers has been proven to slowly raise the pH of the skin[1], killing the acid mantle and making you dependent on harsh treatments like BP to kill Acne bacteria. In another study between two cleansers with pH's of 5.5 and 8.5, there was less acne bacteria on the acidic cleanser tests[1]

I would love to get some feedback on this, and I would be flattered if someone would try it. Thanks for reading!


[1]Tyebkhan G. A study on the pH of commonly used soaps/cleansers available in the Indian market. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol [serial online] 2001 [cited 2010 Oct 30];67:290-1. Available from: ijdvl.com/text.asp?2001/67/6/290/11235

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