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Acne.org Products and Regimen Really work!! :)

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I just want to say thank you to Dan Kern and Acne.org for making such great products and a regimen that works. If anyone is thinking of trying this regime and products, you should definitly try it!! I mean you really have nothingg to lose cuz it's sooo cheap and affordable to begin with!

I tried many other and more expensive products before from Sephora including Murad, Dr. Brandt, Boscia, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Proactiv, and also drugstore brands like Neutrogena, Oxy, Clean and Clear; but Acne.org's products worked the best and was the only one at the time that was able to clear my acne and keep my face clear ever since I used it. When I used it it cleared mostly all my acne within a month and it's kept my face clear ever since I used it for 2 years now. Although I noticed that when I skip the regimen sometimes I'll still get acne. So make sure to use it every day and consistently to keep your clear skin.

I love acne.org's products I think they are very good quality! AND they're sooooo cheap too!! I don't know how you guys do it but thanks!! Honestly I've bought a bottle of acne gel that's cost $80 a bottle before and other expensive prices so it's not like I haven't seen "good quality" stuff. And I think the acne.org products really work!

I use Acne.org's Cleanser, Benzoyl Peroxide, Moisturizer, and AHA. The cleanser is really gentle and it doesn't dry out your skin! And you get a superrr huge bottle for crazy cheap! Alot cheaper than even drugstore brands!!

THe benzoyl peroxide works ALOTTT better than drugstore brand BP. SERIOUSLY. Buy acne.org's BP cuz The price is cheaper if not the same here, but it WORKS BETTER. Seriously I HATE drugstore BP. I've used the Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, and Oxy ones which usually all come in high percentage of BP, and they DRY OUT your skin and they really don't do much to clear your pimples, and you can't spread it on your whole face like the regimen recommends because it would make your face superr dryy!! Acne.org's BP is soo much better, it has a gel consistency that goes on very smooth, it isn't as drying so you can put it all over your whole face, and the gel makes it so that it is invisible and not white on your face. It is one of the only BP products I know that goes on invisible on your face and even when you put lotion or other products on it doesn't turn white.

The moisturizer is sooo light and feels soo nice, NOT Greasy like other "really moisturizing" lotions, yet it moisturizes sooo well!! It REALLY DOES GET RID OF FLAKINESS Instantly!!! This is honestly amazing, because one of the worst problems from using all the BP in this regimen is that your face gets superr dry and flaky. And with this moisturizer you don't have that problem at all!! So you can use the regimen and not have to have everyone see your embarassing dry skin.

The AHA also works really well. When I have a big pimple or whitehead, I'll put on a big blob of AHA on the pimple before and I sleep and overnight it is ALOT SMALLER or is almost gone. It works wonders. I actually tried to put a blob of the BP on overnight on big pimples, but that doesn't really work, and so I discvoered the AHA does wonders on making your pimples go away overnight. I also use it all over my face once a week or so to exfoliate and smooth my skin. It really is a great addition to the regime to keep your face more perfect, smooth, and clear.

Thank you Dan Kern!! And anyone who has acne problems, serouslyy try Acne.org's products cuz they really work!!!!

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Guest Timehealsall

i thought aha is only an effective spot treatment if you catch the zit early on and not when it has already formed?

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