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New member needs advice

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Hi all,

I've been lurking on this board for some time now and finally decided to join. I am determined to do something about my scars -which are mostly rolling, with a few pitted and two or three boxcar-in a cost effective way. What I would like to do is purchase a dermaroller and some TCA cross so I can use them in cunjunction with one another. Is this is a good idea for a novice? If it is, my questions are:

1) What strength TCA should I get?

2) How long should I wait after dermarolling to apply the TCA?

3) What's the best and safest skin numbing cream?

4) Whats the best aftercare?

5) How long will I look like a zombie?

6) On ebay, there are dermarollers for a few bucks and then there are those as high as $35. Does anyone have a suggestion on what brand to get?

After I've healed, I plan on getting an injectable filler, and I understand they are generally 500 or so bucks per needle, which I can afford...if only one needle is needed. But is just one needle usually adequate for a moderate to severely scarrred face? Because if it's not and I need two, I might as well not even make an appointment, because I can't afford to spend a thoudand bucks right now.

Any other thoughts or advice?



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hey, you are asking a little too many questions for my liking and im taking it you havent read the tca cross summary? i strongly recommend you read it before going any further (otherwise you may give yourself worse scarring).

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Hi. I've had filler before for rolling, boxcar scars and one needle was enough for me. Do you have any pics you can post? As far as tca goes, I don't know about that type of thing. Maybe read the summary like gimme suggested. Good luck

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