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I have had acne since I was a teenager, and now in my early 20s, my mild-moderate at times acne refuses to go away. I have tried different types of over the counter acne creams -- clean clear, spectro gel, garnier, and im currently using neutrogena 3 -in-1 formula. Clean clear didn't really do much, spectro gel made my acne worse and the current acne cream -- neutrogena 3-in-1 acne cream sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Lately the acne on my cheeks are really bad, they " grow" underneath my skin, and sometimes forms the white puss which I squeeze out cuz they itch like crazy.

I was checking the net on possible acne cure/medication and came across this site. Read a few comments about baking soda and lemon/lime juice and how the two ingredients can help reduce acne or possibly clear acne.

Today is my first day trying the baking soda and the lime juice regimen and I'm hoping it works, because i really don't want to take antibiotics or change my BC pills.

Day 1...

1) Steamed my face ( I heard steam opens up the pores)

2) Washed my face with the neutrogena acne face wash.

3) Mixed a little bit of water to baking soda (the mixture looks paste-like)

4) Plastered the baking soda paste on my entire face and left it for 2 mins ( I had a bit of tingling sensation especially when I moved my face).

5) Washed baking soda paste off my face after 2 mins., my skin felt a little softer.

6) Dabbed diluted lime juice on my face with cotton wool (It stung a little-- but im so used to pain now it doesn't bother me). I waited till my skin absorbed the lime juice, and applied my over the counter acne cream-- neutrogena 3-in-1 acne cream.

I do hope this works, ohhh I do have a very oily skin, so I'll see if the baking soda helps reduce the oil. :rolleyes:

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