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Well, hi. I'm new to this forums, and I see it very helpful, so I joined. I have lots of questions left unanswered, so gonna ask it here (none has answered me) if you guys don't mind though :).

I am currently 13 years old and turning 14 in the next 24 days. I am currently using Ivory for a face and body soap. After taking a bath, I take Eskinol (Dermaclear-C / Facial Cleanser) and maxi peel. I take a bath two times a day (AM and PM). I have asthma (my skin's really that sensitive). I live in the Philippines (the thing is, this place is full of pollution, and that is bad for the skin). I have oily skin, and I sleep really late this time (I'm a bit busy about some things) (but I heard that sleeping late won't worsen anything). I currently have my face lots of whiteheads, I think blackheads too. Not much of papules too I think, but majority of 95% are blackheads and whiteheads.

As I read a lot from the forums. They don't recommend bar soaps. They recommend . I also heard some recommendation on .

Also, do you guys recommend "Accutane"?

Any suggestions what I should bring out and give me a regimens about how I will use the products and all? I know there's a regimens section here, but I wanna know about how to use the ones you'll recommend for me, and how I'll use them (A confusing request, but please :>).

Do you guys think I can still foundation (Skin White)? Not using very often, but sometimes when there's an occasion.

Thanks a lot!

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I'm not that knowledgable on the topic, more an asker than an answer but try the aspirin mask it has worked fantastically for me if they sell aspirin in the Phillipines just go to a shop and buy some crush about 5-10 tablets up mix with a drop of water for each tablet and half a teaspoon of honey then leave on skin for 20-30 mins or longer if you can, wash off with warm water and pat dry.

Hope I helped...a bit.

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^Thanks for your suggestion.

This morning, I didn't use Eskinol. My skin's not that oily anymore. I used eyeliners (EMO, lol -- But I used it for today's Halloween), so how will I remove it? Before I wash my face? or tissues? Is using foundation still fine? ;)

I just found out the Accutane is not for people with asthma. :( What can be a good thing something like Accutane? :/

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