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edit: delete this post (board?) if you want, im not using duac anymore, im going to be on acutane in a month

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My doctor prescribed it to me about two months ago. It showed results within about a week for me. It is quite strong (%5 BP), and for the first week or so it stung when I applied moisturizer after the Duac gel, but now it doesn't hurt at all. It's basically like a chemical peel in a tube. It just strips the top layer of skin to get rid of bacteria. It sounds scary, but it's harmless as long as you use it cautiously. My skin is so smooth and soft now. I was prescribed a BCP at the same time as Duac, so I can't really conclude whether Duac was the one making the difference, or the pill, or both. But I feel it works for me.

The girl at the pharmacy where I bought the gel told me only to apply it to the affected areas. However my doctor and the actual Duac instruction manual say to apply it over your entire face (avoiding the eye area... obviously). I apply a pea-sized amount over my whole face (concentrating most on the affected areas) at night after cleansing with Cetaphil and warm water. Wait about 10mins, then moisturize.

I hope that helps :)

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Thanks! and it does : ) Im prbbly going to use it after this week, since im going to visit some family. Btw she told me i have to use this before i can get any pills, is that true? Do you have to use duac before they can give you any pills?

Haha. No, that's not true. Duac is a topical treatment. It's aimed at helping the problem superficially and does not have an affect on any internal processes. She probably just wants to check if it works by itself without the pill. If it doesn't it may indicate you have a hormonal problem, so that's when she will prescribe the pill :)

Good luck!

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Well i asked to mom to make an appointment with the dermatologist, and instead she made me a appointment with her doctor. The appointment didnt even last five minutes, she didnt look at my face, except from across the room, and didnt really help me at all.. All she said was "Ohh well the dermatologist is just going to give you this anyway so theres no reason to see him, if it doesnt work then ill give you something else." she also said that it would be worse before its better.. But how worse? Im kinda upset she didnt really explain much to me, or try to help me a but more then that. Is that how it would be at the dermatologist? My skin was clear before the end of september, but i broke out after i used a conditioner i was allergic to for two/three weeks, and it never got much better after that. So this duac stuff, should i use it? I heard its really strong and etc. Does it work? how long does it take till it does?.... Also it comes with a soap free face wash to use at night.. idk what thats for though : P

Hi, I ised Duac, It does work and dries the skin. I never had the face wash but the cream you use after washing, I used it at night and my skin was alot drier. It does work. But for me it wasn't the answer, I am now on accutane.

It has topical antibiodics and benzol peroxide in it ( sorry for the spelling mistakes)

If your Dr is a idiot, see some one else. My dr said that my acne was not bad enough for accutane, but i asked for a referal any way to see the derm. And the derm said it is bad enough to start on the accutane. See some one else. See the derm and he may not just give you duac, Please do some research into what there is to take. You could try the pill, diane or yasmin, these have both been known to stop hormonal acne, Or there are 2 different antibiodics that you can try for acne. One is doxycylne and minocylcne.

I have started using Clinique acne solutions 3 step and although it is expensive it is worth it, and I remember paying $40 for the duac cream and the clinique trial travel set was only $50 odd so it is worth trying alot of different things. There is no other person that has spent as much money as me in the last 10 years and have everything fail. You need to get you acne sorted and sorted for once and for all. Duac only works as long as you put it on, and my skin.... It stopped working altogether. Good luck and I wish you a acne free life!

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