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I've been getting some funky breakouts lately ever since the start of college (I've never had any problem with acne in high school), and positively freaked out. It wasn't bad (one or two), but they'd get very inflamed and always seem to leave noticable hyperpigmentation marks on my face.

Needless to say, after two months of that crap I took myself to the dermatologist and have been prescribed with Doxycycline and Duac topical gel. Duac seems to work nicely, and I've got to wait several more weeks to see if Doxy is a good bet for me.

The thing is, it seems that whenever I get a pimple it swells up to a head, stops, shrinks (probably due to doxy), dries, and then flakes off. The entire white part of the sucker seems to fall out whenever I shower, wash my face, or jump in the pool without me actively picking at it. It leaves a small hole that doesn't ooze anything, but always seems to have a reddish mark.

Is acne supposed to "dry up" and "flake off?"

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Ah, I see. The pore seems really large, so I was worried for a bit and thought it to be an ice-pick scar for a little bit.

Redness seems to be a huge problem for me, though. In two months, my once perfect face looks like i've been burned with a dozen cigarette butts. :(

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