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Ok so maybe it is diet and not masturbation at the root

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I stopped masturbating for about a month. Overall my complexion was healing up and looking better.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it plateaued and continued to get acne. A lot of of it on my neck and around my mouth and chin/jaw. It wasn't as severe as when masturbating a lot but still not good.

I'm underweight. I'm very tall and skinny. So I drink weight gainers. I still had acne way before weight gainers so I never made any sort of connection. I did try to get the highest quality. Anyways since I know sugar is a major cause I stopped that a couple days ago. Still of course I know that wouldn't be enough. Yet it's hard to go paleo without losing weight so I had a huge dilemma. How to eat lots of food like pasta and general food found everywhere and avoid acne.

So what I've been researching are ways to digest food better, help the liver, control sugar, and reduce overall body inflammation.

I've gotten back to masturbation (yay!) and right now my face should be absolutely horrifying. Instead I seem to be just fine. All I have is a bunch of acne from before healing up. It's only been about 4 days of this but that would normally be enough to break out like crazy. I'm still waiting it out for the final verdict just in case I overlooked something...

Here's what I do

1. Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning, before meals, and at night. Probably biggest contributer.

2. Cinnamon - I get organic cinnamon and fill up empty pills and pop one after dinner.

3. Tumeric - Same as cinnamon - Saw a big difference after one night of it.

4. Zinc - Same as cinnamon except I just buy pills of it.

5. Organic Coconut oil - swallow spoon full at night.

6. Only drink water and try to drink a lot of it.

7. Try to eat as best I can but without going nuts and changing everything.

There ya go. Seems to battle the food that isn't absolutely pure and the hormonal fluctuations from showing up on my skin and maybe yours too.

If anyone has suggestions, I would love to receive them.

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Cut sugars and processed foods (products made with flour, crisco, margarine, vegetables oils, deli meats, etc) in favor of real, whole nutrient dense foods. Keep meals, drinks and snacks low to moderate GL.

And figure out any food intolerances you may have via an elimination diet.

More info:


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