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Ok, so this summer my acne wasn't bad, I probably got 1 or 2 whiteheads a week. I typically have pretty dry skin, sometimes I feel like that is whats keeping zits off of my face.

I don't use any acne products, I usually just shower twice a day with dove soap, and occasionally wash my face an extra time, which works great over the summer.

Winter is usually when my acne gets worse. Dryness produces excess oil and creates dead skin... both combined are horrible, but most of you probably know that...

Anyway, I've recently broke out with whiteheads and even a few larger red bumps that take a day or two to become a whitehead, possibly cysts?

Should I try to keep my skin moisturized, even though I feel like dry skin is what is keeping acne off of my face in the summer time?

I am also looking for any tips anyone might have.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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I've tried using acne products for years, I realized a few years ago that most acne products have a way of making your skin dependent on them. I am not here to preach, but I find myself working/sleeping/eating on the worst intervals because of my job. I have tried all kinds of things over the past 3 years that never worked for a long period of time.

So, basically I've given up... I have been thinking about moisturizers though, possibly a good idea?

I also invested in a humidifier that I am going to put in my room.

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I have the opposite issue, my skin is worse in the summer because it is so humid where I live. I would suggest just making sure you use a great moisturizer, one that is non-comedenic. Also maybe try using something as a wash other than dove soap, soap can be very drying on the skin. Perhaps cetaphil or purpose wash?

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