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Stop embarassing me!

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I know what you mean. It's the same way when you lose weight, too. There's not much you can do but to let it roll off of your back. It's easier to handle if you smile, nod, say thanks for noticing, and then change the subject.

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Never really felt awkward about these sorts of compliments.

Just a quick 'thanks' and a smile is pretty normal and OK.

Why would you be embarrassed about having great skin anyway :)

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Think about it this way, would you rather be complimented on how nice your skin is or ridicule on how digusting your skin look, i would give literally a million dollars if i could clear my skin up and get nice compliments on how good my skin look, at least you acheive some sucess that many us are dying for, be happy and deal with your new skin...

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Hi all, I have 16 days left and I'm done with Accutane :shifty: I'm 100% clear! Please stay this way!

I'm sure many of you have went through this or go through peoples compliments/comments on your skin clearing/cleared so I was wondering how you approach it in the most non-awkward way. I work in a hospital-inpatient setting so I have constant contact with people who saw me/knew me during my more unpleasant days pre-accutane. The first couple compliments on your skin are nice and welcoming..but then it starts to get to a point where it's embarassing and awkward, especially since there's always a ton of people around who can hear the words. so I was wondering how you even respond lol? I've added up everyone that has said something and we're going on like 20..

Just today, I enter a younger patients' room and his 80-yo grandma is there with her cute grandaughter. The patient was on the unit about a year ago, where my skin was at its worst and that was the last time I had saw the grandma. Within seconds of entering the room, the grandma: "I'm so happy for you!" .... STANDS UP, WALKS OVER TO ME AND STARTS CARESSING MY CHEEKS... Suddenly my skin becomes the subject of the conversation and it was one of the absolute most awkward embarassing moments of my life, especially with this cute girl there I had never met before. Keep in mind I don't even know the grandma or patient all that well so.. GOOD GRIEF! Elderly women are somethin' else ! lol

I thought it would be nice with people finally complimenting the clearer complexion but it's to a point that it's almost just as embarassing as people commenting ON your pimples when you had acne.. heh.

Just remember that when you complete your course of accutane, its will most likely be one of the best things you have done. I know it was for me. Just remember that you stuck it out and did it and that people are complimenting you for it, because they are proud of you.

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