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Foods That are High in Omega 3 but Low in Omega 6

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I've recently changed my eating habits over the last week and am already noticing a big difference in my acne. I had been taking azithromycin for about a month while following the regimen and exfoliating with AHA, and was still having problems with my skin. However, since I've changed my eating habits, my skin has been looking much better, and the occurrence of new pimples has dropped quite noticeably. I haven't gone too drastic or anything, just some common sense diet changes. I cut out excessive sugar (no pop or sweetened juice), excessively salty foods, high-fat foods, dairy, etc. and increased the amount of water I drink. My hopes is that this will give the antibiotics more of a chance to do their job and knock out the acne bacteria once and for all, plus eating healthier just makes me feel better.

But anyways, my problem right now is trying to find foods that are high in Omega 3 but low in Omega 6 fat. I'm not taking an Omega 3 supplement, and don't really want to (cost, I travel a lot and it's not convenient, etc). While searching online for foods that are high in Omega 3, quite often sites neglect to mention that the foods they recommend are also extremely high in Omega 6, completely ignoring the fact that the point is to equalize the ratio of the fats. So my question is, does anybody know of any foods that are high in Omega 3 but also very low in Omega 6?

Please add your suggestions here, maybe with some information on the amount of Omega 3 vs Omega 6 in said foods if you have it. I'm a pretty skinny guy with an overactive metabolism, and the problem with this diet change is I tend to lose weight when I really don't need to be doing so. If anything, I could stand to put on a few pounds, but I'm running out of ideas for high calorie foods that are good for me, anti-acne and high in Omega 3. Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Grass fed beef has a really good omega 3-omega 6 ratio. So does fatty fish like wild salmon, sardines, and mackeral.

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fish would be your best bet. salmon to be specific. plant sources of omega 3 apparently do not absorb well in our bodies and have an extremely low absorption rate. Canned salmon is reasonably priced, try eating that daily. Thats what i just started doing and am now waiting results.

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This thread is old, but this is some good information. I wanted to point out that taking antibiotics to "kill acne bacteria" is just a fools plan, though. That isn't how it works, and you're going to be damaging your gut in the long run with antibiotics.

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I found canned sardines at my local grocery store that has 2.5 grams of omega3 so that's a good source, plus flax seeds and flax seed oil has lots of omega 3 (it makes some people break out though so be careful) and you can always just take fish oil supplements (can also make people break out).

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you need omega 6 fat(linoleic is the essential omega 6), your brain is largely arachidonic acid as well as dha, dont avoid these.

but canola oil is very high in omega 3 and low in omega 6, perhaps the most compared to any other fat source.

getting dha from fish is nto as healthy as getting the essential fat iyour body synthesizes dha from, as you need the efa to make other things, whcih cannot be made out of dha. so fish may only supplemnt your dha, but is no replacement for essential fatty plant based omega 3/alpha linolenic acid.

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