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Didier Lemaitre

I think B vitamins are increasing my sex drive

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I've been taking a BꞋ°° vitamin, a multi-vitamin, and fish oils for about 3 weeks.

My sex drive is totally out of control, i have stupid amounts of energy

like i'll just go all out sprinting on my treadmill for 20 minutes straight and i'm still not relaxed.

I'm a 19 yo male, so it's pretty strong in the first place, however since starting these supplements it is becoming

a major distraction. Currently i'm not sleeping well at all and last night i was at the gym till dawn. My heart pounds so hard i can hear it in my ears and see my t-shirt bouncing a little. My veins are also popping out massively too, i have this

huge vein on both forearms that i have never even seen b4 now.

I like what the supplements are doing in alot of ways and i don't really want to stop. But i did stop them for a few days just to see what would happen but i was still feeling the same way. I know i'm gonna crash hard eventually but damn does anyone else get like this from just vitamins? I feel like i just did a fat line of cocaine like 24/7

I was going to start this new healthy diet but i'm scared it's just gonna send me over the edge and i'll end up in

cardiac arrest or worse. The only other explanation i can think of is that my hormones are just on the fritz for no particular reason. I'm going to get a consultation with a nutritionist soon to see what they say.

I guess it doesn't help that i also have the metabolism of a bunny rabbit and I'm taking lung steroids for my asthma, but those things just can't be helped.

Oh and let's not forget the zit beast i woke up with on my cheek today.

I'm this close to throwing all my products away, walking outside and just living in the forest for 40 days and fasting to just reset my entire system and nuke it from orbit.

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Makes perfect sense. You know those energy drinks and these so called "love drinks" I've seen in stores all say they give you tons of energy and boost your sex drive and all of them are high in B vitamins among other things.

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