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face addicted to steroid?

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I've been getting alot of flat red blotches on the side of my face that im having a hard time getting rid of. In the last week i've been getting small welts on my jaw line as well and used my daughters aclometasome steroid cream that she uses for her excema. I'm wondering if i over used the steroid cream and now things keep resurfacing because my face wants the steroid. I would only apply a small dot sized amt on the spot every other day. I 've been doing this for at least a week or so. Any idea how long it takes for your face to become addicted to the steroid and if so what would help get rid of these spots..

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Your skin does not become addicted to steroid creams.

However, there are risks (large ones) involved in steroid usage, particularly on the face.

I don't know if this has been suggested yet.

I use hydrocortisone on cysts and find that it helps. People get cortisone shots to shrink cysts, so this helps too right?

It's not wise to use hydrocortisone. It can damage the skin and allow overgrowth of fungi, yeast, and bacteria. Hydrocortisone is also systemically absorbed via the cutaneous route...not good. All meds have some cutaneous absorption, but you do not want to mess up your own cortisol levels through using hydrocortisone topically. It is ok every once in a while (once a month on a hideous cyst), but NOT daily use even in tiny dabs. Please do look up Google images for overuse of hydrocortisone. See also steroid induced rosacea on these boards and on Google search.

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