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I've just finished 4 months of Accutane

My skin is completely clear- after about 10 years of acne I can finally look in the mirror and see a clear face.

My derm started me off on 40mg then raised me to 90 mg for the last 10 weeks

I work out a lot so my weight allowed for such a heavy dose .

I experienced no side effects ( worth mentioning) . I continued to play rugby, work out; didn't feel tired and unlike a lot of peopled continued to drink once a week and some times twice depending on the circumstances ( didn't spare any prisoner either ! ). My derm laughed when I said I had read one couldn't I drink on it ( I am from ireland where pretty much everything is centred around the pub) He assured me he would check my blood tests every month and if he tought the alcohol and accutane were hurting my liver he would tell me. Like he promised- it didn't affect my live at all.

Basically I'm trying to say- forget a lot of the rubbish spoken on the internet about accutane. People who complain about side affects are most likely sensitive people anyway. I was afraid to go near it for years because of these people but i wish now i did 8-10 years ago. Ya my skin complexion was red at times and I needed to apply chap sticks- but try forget you are on it. sTOP LOOKING AT YOUR FACE EVERYDAY. RELAX AND IT WILL WORK. IF NOT THEN JUST GO ON A 2ND COURSE AND IT WILL DEF BE GONE THEN ! continue to live a normal life!

Best of luck. Acne affects peoples lives but at the end of the day it is curable- get to your derm.

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Wrong place, post it in the "Pinned: Positive Accutane Experiences " at the top of the page, if your 4months was a complete course.

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