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finacea question

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I've been using finacea for the last week as a spot treatment on certain areas of my face and i'm wondering if there is a purge with this product or i'm getting an allergic reaction. I had some flat red spots on the sides of my face and after applying the finacea i got huge welt like pimples in that area the next day..I'm not sure if i should apply again or not. I used a steroid cream my daughter uses for excema and that is not helping either. any ideas?

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I've been using Finacea (all over the face...it is not meant to be a spot treatment) for over a week and not had any reaction like that.

Suggest either you're allergic or are putting far too much on one area (it is meant to be a pea sized amount for the whole face).

Did you get it on Prescription from a doctor? I would ask them about it. I'd not use it again if I had that reaction, myself.

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I have suffered from acne since around the age of 13, i am now 27! i have smoked for approx 10 years on and off, During my time smoking i started to develop cysts around my neck and back of my head, I have had some removed.

I get the odd spot every now and then but i am mainly left with acne scars on my cheeks. And scars on the back of my head were cysts have been removed (looks horrible when my head is shaved)

I gave up smoking a month ago and touch wood i have had no new cysts and my face has stayed clear,

So i belive smoking has been a big part of me getting cysts and spots,

Hope i am on the road to recovery!! :surprised::dance:

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