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coming off accutane

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I have just gotten my last supply of accutane. I was on it for 4 months and it definitely cleared up my skin a lot. I used to have cysts on my face and all I have now is some acne under my skin that you can't see.

First, how does my skin stay clear after the medicine is out of my system? I'm so afraid I'll break out my first month off it.

Also, my skin looks really tired all the time and sometimes I come home and I'm super pale. Is there some kind of moisturizer or cream I should try?

my daily regimen since being on accutane is washing my face twice a day with olay aloe gentle face wash and olay face moisturizer. I just bought Cetaphil though for when that eventually runs out.

Thanks in advance


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Hi there,

You will probably find that you cant wear as 'thick' a moisturiser as you could get away with on accutane. You wont break out in the first month - usually your skin will stay clear for afew months and then may gradually start to relapse - for me full relapse took about 9 months initially then on subsequent courses the relapse was quicker each time. Some people are cured permanently or it doesnt come back as bad as before.

Its difficult to say what you should use as there are no rights & wrongs, just make sure your moisturiser is non-comedogenic. If anything I would recommend using retin a as soon as you start to see any spots coming back as being a vitamin a derivative is essentially similar to roaccutane. Another option would be to go on the contraceptive pill such as yasmin.

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