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Morning to Night

BP Treatment and AHA+ Lotion???? HELP PLEASE :)

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Hey guys so i just bought the acne.org product, BP treatment 8.Oz and the AHA+ lotion.

Basically Ive got an acne scars around my two cheeks and its quite unpleasant.(Abit severe, had for more than 4 years now...) While i was reading the reviews Ive got confused with the BP product and the AHA lotion. which one is good for treating the scars and redness and can i use both? If so can i noe the application routine?

Hope these product works!

Thanks :)

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If you still have active acne, you should start out using a small amount of BP and gradually work your way up to the full recommended dose over the course of a month or so. It's important to use a (non-AHA) moisturizer if you're going to use BP, as BP ican cause your skin to get dry and uncomfortable.

After about a month, it's okay to add in the AHA, which is a chemical exfoliant that can help face red marks and make scars less noticeable. It's not recommended to use AHA from the get-go, as your skin will need time to adjust to the BP first.

If you don't currently have acne, you can skip the BP, and start using the AHA. Most people use it in place of their regular moisturizer a few times a week. Be sure to use a sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF any time you'll be out in the sun (even for a short time or on cloudy days) for at least a week after any AHA use, as AHA can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and more prone to burning.

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Thanks for the reply i feel more relieved ~

btw since i had a wrong method of taking care of my skin while i was having acne, i am not sure which moisturizer is suitable for my skin. My skin is quite sensitive and I dun noe which one to get.

Could you recommend any products which will be a pleasant to use in a daily bases?

Thank you~

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A lot of people like Dan's moisturizer, which has licochalcone in it, which is known to be soothing. Cetaphil, Complex 15, and CeraVe are all widely available moisturizers which have gotten a pretty good response from what I've seen on the boards.

I've been using Cetaphil for over a year now, myself, and although it's a little heavy, I like it.

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