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My 1st 3 weeks on Spiro

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A little background

I am 34 and most likely have pcos. I was kinda diagnosed with pcos a few years back. We took blood tests and my testosterone was on the high side of the scale though I am not insulin resistant and do not have cysts on my ovaries and my periods are as normal as normal gets. My issues are with weight, hair in places it shouldnt be for a girl, oily hair(wash it at night and by the middle of next day I looked like a grease ball)kinda oily skin with large pores and mild acne.

3 weeks ago my derm prescribed 50mg of Spiro. Since then I have noticed some changes which I would like to report

1. Hair stays cleaner for about 2 days

2. My face is so soft

3. Pores look a little smaller(probably due to less sebum filling them)

4. Skin looks a little brighter

5. I think my breasts are getting a little bigger:)

6. My sex drive has stayed the same

7. So far my periods are normal(no spotting)

8. I am a little bit more cranky

9. Pee a little more often

10. I have felt dizzy a few times (thought I might pass out):(

11. Hair growth has slowed down slightly!!!

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Hey Jackiey!

I'm almost 34 and in a pretty similar boat as you are.Pretty sure I also have PCOS,and have had moderate to severe acne since I was 27.

I've experienced a lot of the same results as you while being on spiro.Definitely softer skin,less oil,no zits and the bigger breasts (yippie!) :surprised:

The peeing a lot is a little nerve racking,and I also feel a little light headed at times.That tends to get better the longer you are on it though (at least it has for me)

Just make sure you drink water water water! And try to watch how much potassium you intake (no bananas)

Seems as though the good is outweighing the bad for you though.

I love not having super oily skin anymore!

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