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Which Accutane Moisturizer And Cleanser?

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so i'm about to go on accutane tomorrow and i was wondering which moisturizer and cleanser i should use? i know to use products that are non oil, fragrance-free hypoallergic..etc. But there are so many, which is the most recommended or what has worked for you ?

For a cleanser i was planning on using purpose gentle cleanser.


For a moisturizer i was planning on using cetaphil? I've never even heard of it but it seems to be the most recommended. (I already have dry & red skin because its winter so i really need something that works well)

Let me know your thoughts or reccomendations


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You just need to find what works for you, but the favourites seem to be Dans cleanser and cetaphil. Make sure you buy the cetaphil GENTLE cleanser as your skin will be very sensitive while on accutane.

As for a moisturizer, i use a tinted moisturizer in the day to help with redness/flushing. At night i use Cetaphil or Olay. Make sure you moisturize your skin if it is very dry.

-Drink lots of water

-Use sunscreen

-Dont pick ( you will get red marks VERY easily )

-take accutane with a fatty meal same time every day

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purpose is good. or dove sensitive skin bar. or cetaphil.

cerave is a really good moisturizer. its stronger than cetaphil in my opinion

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