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which treatments work?

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Hi I'm 15 years old and have had acne vulgeras for about 4 years. I have tried many treatments given by the doctor, but nothing lasts. The doctor prescribed me Tetralysal 300 which i take 1-2 tablets a day (408mg), and Stiemycin Tropical Solution, I have now stopped using Stiemycin Solution after 1 week as it irritated my skin and made my acne a lot worse. I brought some Retin-A cream (0.025%) and have been using it for 2 days, after reading the reviews for it on the internet I am very unsure about continuing to use it as it says it will probably get worse before it gets better, as i only have acne on my cheeks I don't want my acne to spread back onto my forehead. Does anyone have any advice they could offer me from past experiences or if they have tried a better product, I would appreciate it very much. Thanks Crystal

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First off, I would suggest switching to the Retin-A gel, because the cream has a comedogenic ingredient in it, and it generally makes your face much oilier during the day.

And if you only have acne on your cheeks, I would suggest only using the medication there. My dermatologist always told me to apply it all over my face, but I started breaking out in places I never had, and those became my new problem areas. That's just my opinoin right now, but Retin-A is supposed to make your skin better overall so maybe you should just use it all over. It's really up to you. Haha sorry for the ambiguous answer =X

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