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Strange texture of the cheeks!

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I just wanted to know if anyone has this condition,see,my cheeks are kinda strange after I used benzoyl peroxide (I used Clearasil,a tinted one like for 2 weeks,without moistuzer cause I didnt know about it,then I used Oxy 10% like 5 fays without moistuzer again),then I used Sulfur Soap like for 3 weeks

It's been like 3 month since I stoped all products,but my cheeks feel kinda strange,they have an uneven texture,they're not like my forehead or chin where the skin is so soft.

So I was wondering if this was caused by the products I used,and if it can heal with time?.

Also,flakes keep coming even after I stopped used those things,they're disgusting,I scrap my cheek and alot of white substance come off

I dont know if i messed my cheeks,i just wanna know if they can heal on their own,or should I moistuzer?

Also,sometime in the day,they itch alot.


PS: I know the products damaged my cheeks,since the cheeks are the only scarred parts on my entire face,I just wanna know if they can become normal again.

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Hey thanks for your answer AN!

Well indeed,they feel like burning but not all the day,just when Im in cold weathers (like in the classroom),and they are starting to itch more than usual,it's so unconfortable,because they go red

Do you think it could be rosacea?,I may think it is,but no one in my family have,and I didnt experienced redness till I started using OTC products.

Anyway,everytime I put some Vaseline it feel so good,but that disappear in minutes,I just dont know what do!


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I find that my skin feels like it's burning only in certain conditions as well, but will feel really tight and hot most of the time. And I'll be really oily! If I moisturize lots, it is way toned down.

I doubt it's rosacea. Do you find that foods trigger it, or that you get acne-like bumps there? It's probably just severe irritation.

Vaseline doesn't moisturize, it just seals water/moisture! So maybe you need to moisturize THEN apply Vaseline over-night to keep that moisture in your skin. Do you have any lotions that you find work well for your skin? Or that at least don't break you out or dry your skin out? Try it with Vaseline, see what happens. And if you cleanse in the AM, try skipping that and just use water. Lots of people find it helps alleviate facial redness.

Hope you can find something that truly helps! I hate that feeling! Btw, I bought hazelnut oil from my local grocery store today and put it on about 2 hours ago, and my skin feels way less tight (and is not oily at all!) I will apply more tonight when I cleanse, but so far I like it :D Can't say if it breaks me out of course, but if it seems to help my redness and tightness and burning (and gross texture), I'll let you know, maybe you could try it out yourself :)

Hey thanks again.

Well I eat anything,I dont think food triggers it,but maybe it does,I drink a lot of milk maybe that is the cause,but if it is milk,why just on the cheeks? That's a strange one.

And about the Vaseline,well I didnt knew that,but I dont have any moistuzer at hand right now,and pretty all moistuzers break me out like crazy,with the exception of Cetaphil,but I dont find it cause I live in Mexico,it's a rare brand here,When I went to Usa,I used it,and it was excellent.

Well,I hope your hazelnut oil helps you,good luck :dance:

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