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Accutane and retinitis pigmentosa?

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Hey all, i've been looking into accutane as a possible last resort kind of medication for my body acne should other things not work to clear it.

But now I read that taking accutane while one suffers from retinitis pigmentosa can potentially be dangerous :( people have reported reduced night vision and even some cases were the condition persists after treatment.

This suggests that it might be damaging to the light sensitive rods and cones that also degenerate with RP.

I've really hit the genetic jackpot :( slowly going blind with body acne.

And i might end up choosing beween potentially clearing up my acne, or risk going blind faster.

I already know that doctors will probably go on the side of caution and not prescribe it to me.

But I feel so robbed because many people have had positive experiences especially with the body acne.

Are there any people here that have gone on accutane with RP? Or know anything more about it how it can cause night vision problems?

it's a rare genetic eye condition so I don't know. let me know if you had experience with it or maybe read something about it somewhere.


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