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Hi all, it's AJ. Some of you probably know me from before, and while I am not too happy with the way I went about things in the past I can assure you I will not push anything on anyone!

Anyway having got that out the way I was interested to find out if people have been getting results on this program? I am open to anything that helps acne sufferers, aslong as it's sensible and a balanced approach. Cause quite frankly its all too easy to discredit peoples methods of helping combat acne without actually knowing the proper facts and weather people are getting results.

I know that for the breif period I tried this regimen it was very very drying. The BP is very irritating indeed. However that could be due to a number of reasons and others may be able to tolerate it.

Having said that however, I simply don't believe acne can be cured from the outside. It's the inside where that damage has been done and it's that you have to address.

For me Leo Kiesen book is the MOST sensible and helpful book I have read on acne and it has helped me no ends. Its an approach which after reading you will actually have to admit (all be it through gritted teeth for some doubters) that it makes sense and would think to yourself "thats how the human body works". Obviously things which require time and patience are not the most appealing and I hear that because I was and am there. However, I felt it my responsibility to mention the program here.......cause even if one person trys it, it could make all the difference in the world for them. Anyway I have gone on a bit, feel free to respond.Bye

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Guest Tracy

Hello AJ. I remember you from before. smile.gif

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