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Sudden redness? Cold?

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Well, last winter was pretty hard on my skin. I didn't get that many breakouts but my cheeks were red and flaky, pretty much from November until early March. I guess cold had something to do with that. (I live in Sweden).

The thing is, I've been experimenting with different moisturizers/cleansers over the last couple of weeks (two different moisturizers on each cheek, for instance), and while there haven't been any big differences so far, these last two days I noticed a big change. My left cheek (almost exclusively) has gotten very red. I'm talking about red, to the point were it looks like I've been slapped in the face by a grizzly or something. And the weird part is, this is the side of the face were I apply my 'old' moisturizer.

On the other cheek, I use the moisturizing cream from Cetaphil (since I heard good stuff about it). I guess the obvious thing would be to use it on both cheeks in the future, but the thing is that the cream (to me) feels so thick... almost like it will cause more problems in the future if I use it too long. I might be imagining things, but it looks to me like I've already developed smaller, reddish spots on this side. Might not be anything to get alarmed about, but it's almost like a bad omen to me.

Sorry for the long post (tl;dr, I know) but once I start to write, it's hard to stop. I could go on and on about details but it might not be important for now.

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