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hi im new....well sort of

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Hi there everyone i was registerd on this site some months ago and have had no acsess to internet since so i have not been chatting for a while.

i have had acne for about 6 years on and off,sometimes my skin is great then it goes bananas!

i had a course of roaccutane and that kept me clear for a year or so then it returned.

im trying to stick to the bp program but my skin sets very red and its off putting,i only use a little to.

i guesss you could say its mild acne,but it doesnt bloody feel like it.

i always felt that acne must be effected by something ie diet,but as time goes on i dont think so anymore.

i have cut out this and that with no difference.

i have recently been thinking of joining a gym but dont want the sweating to make it worse,as i feel it may do.

it does make me feel very self concious ,and my boyf and friends all have really clear skin which makes me feel more unattractive,even thoigh my boyf is always telling me how pretty i ma ext,i still feel low.

i no people say you shouldnt let it effect your life but what do doctors who have fab skin no? it does effect me i dont want to go out on days when its bad,i just want to hide away and cry.

i usee dermalogica products and feel so far they have been best for me,i went lat week to discuss why it may have returned i mentioned the face that could it be the pill as i have been on it since i was 15 im 23 now,i have had a chnage in pills during this time,but the pill has been consistant,but he feels its not the pill and just one of those things.

anyway............ im off for a docs appt now proberly not to be taken serously again,and see what cream i walk away with today.

you guys let me no what you think of my sistuation im sure many of you can relate.xxx

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