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Is it still cheap for Canadians?

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I just received two bottle of Dan's bp.

I'm questioning if it's still cheap to order it online.

For two bottles, I had to pay over CDN $12 for international shipment, and about CND $9.00 for tax. I seems like shipment fee + tax cost as much as the product itself.

However, is it still cheaper to buy OTC bp gels from here???

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Really????!!!! That`s so weird. My total came up to 18.17CAD, and that`s all I had to pay. I didn`t have to pick it up at the post and pay duty or anything. What`s with all that tax $$$ ? Where exactly are you in Canada?

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18.17CAD for one tube?

Does it include international shipment fee too?

I live in BC btw.

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Ya, one tube. That`s all I paid for it.

I`m not sure about the whole int`l shipment fee and everything. I just go to the top of this page, click on the reg, find supplies, etc. I click on ``Live outside the United States?``, and it takes me to a page where Dan says ``I sell an economy size 2.5% internationally...etc. It`s a link, so I click on that, and it goes to AcneSupplies.com.

In the top right, it says $8.50, and under that it says ``Buy with Paypal``And where it says that, i click on it. Then, it shows methods of payment: the middle one is paypal, so I click on that (``paypal buy now``). It takes me to paypal`s website ( I have an account), and it shows

payment to: Clear Skin Inc.,

bp gel,


currency: US dollars,

amount: 8.50

shipping: 4.50

So, then I have to sign in. Then it tells me to Confirm Payment, and it shows details of who I`m paying, from which account, etc. The conversion today shows that my total would be $17.53CAD. And that`s it.

I hope that helps! i don`t know why you`d have to pay so much for it. I don`t think living in BC has anything to do with it either.

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The customs fee depends on how much the contents inside the package are worth. The more the value, the more the taxes.

I thiiiink that "merchandise" under $10 is not taxed. Custom slips that are marked "gift" and are under $15 (or so) also aren't taxed.

Ano, you probably had the customs fee because your package was worth more in value than RoRo's. Your shipping charge was higher because your package was heavier. Your package was double the weight and your shipping charge was double that of RoRo's.

I sometimes use eBay. When I'm getting an int'l package, I usually ask that the seller mark the item as a "gift" on the customs form to avoid taxes. I've forgotten a few times and got charged $8ish for packages that were worth $20ish.

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Cool, I didn`t know that (about gift vs. sample). So, it`s safe to assume that if i try and get more than 1 bottle at a time, I might have to pay int`l fees? Sucks, but worth it, the gel is the best. I`m actually braving it and going to Ottawa this weekend, it`s nice to have a clear face for all to see, you know? bb_eusa_dance.gif

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Thanks for that info. I was troubled by how much the tax and shipping&handling fees cost also after I ordered my first two tubes. It got dropped off at more door and my dad (who answered the door) had to pay about $8.

So it's more economical to buy one tube at at time?

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^It sounds like it. I just had another one sent to me, and it came in the mail, just like that. No extra fees

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hmm...I'm glad I read this post, I was going to try ordering 2 tubes and the shipping fees are bad enough without taxing on top of that. $18 is really good for a tube...I currently pay $10 for a tube half the size and I'm sure not nearly as good.

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