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I'm nervous too!!!!!!I'm going to start my second high school year, and all of the first year I had clear healthy skin, but this summer I broke out bad and my skin looks nasty sad.gif

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I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I agree with the original poster (24withacne) in at least being puzzled by the amount pictures of people with clear skin in the gallery.

I have no problem if someone wants to post pictures of themselves with clear skin, for any reason. However, when I come across a gallery that contains nothing BUT pictures of clear skin (whether it's because it was taken before they had acne, after they had acne with no scarring, or due to dim lighting, fuzzy image, etc), I question why they are doing this - i.e. are they intentionally not showing their unflattering photos? If that's what they're doing I can hardly blame them. I am certainly not advocating people rush out and find their worst pictures and post them online. Or, if they really don't have pictures of themselves when they had acne, what can you do? I confess I'm one of those people - I trashed all my pictures with acne long, long ago.

However, if someone is only posting pictures of clear skin because they don't want to reveal what they look (or looked) like with acne and/or scarring, I would personally prefer they either post both kinds of photos, or none at all. I say this because if we only share the "good" pictures of ourselves, it simply reinforces the mentality that acne is shameful and must be hidden at all costs, even amongst fellow sufferers.

Perhaps I'm being too cynical or overthinking the matter, but those are my feelings on the subject.

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

I don't think we have "too many" perfect skin people in the gallery (except Misty's which i think got great skin)....this is not to say if you had "flaws" on your skin it makes you less of a person. NOT AT ALL.

Clear skin or not, the pictures are there just for displays and perhaps learn from each other's tips/conditions, not to make you feel better or worse.

Some may have much much better skin then yours (and certainly mine) but perhaps they post their pictures there because in their head they see a 'badly flawed' skin rather than a nice skin. Hey- after all this is our favorite saying "we are our own critics" no?

Hey- if they had bad skin and now after many many treatments (and money) later, they got good skin and they wanna show it to people, MORE power to them! Lots of them were pretty to begin with, so heck, that's even better!! bb_eusa_dance.gif Those who still struggle with acnes and scars (like I do), don't worry about posting partial pictures....if some jackass gave you bad comments...remember most (if not all) of the time, they got it worse than you one or the other. Misery loves company.

Bla..bla..bla....Obi out bb_icon_mrgreen.gif

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