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Acne? What acne?

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So yea, im gonna start writing down random things when im bored/have time; such as how many spots I have and where, what i've eaten, how much water i've had and anything else that pops into my mind which will collectively help me to get rid of acne once and for all.

Basically just so I can keep track of things and maybe looking back see some sort of correlation when things improve.

Heres what things look like on the diet and exercise front lately;

I eat all the usual healthy things like low GI (mainly sweet potatoes), no dairy, high protein, low sugar etc etc. Up untill recently I was gluten free for about 2 months, but as far as I can see its not really made a difference, so its back in just because it removes the stress of thinking 'OMGZ IS DER GLUTEN IN DIS?' with everything I pick up, but it wont be much.

I train with weights 3 times a week.

For supplements I now take (from today):

Vitamin C 1000mg twice a day

Vitamin E 268mg twice a day (only for this week, then drop down to 1 a day)

2 Zinc 25mg tablets with my last meal

6 Omega 3 gels over the course of the day

Thats about everything, so time to get started and get myself back to normal.

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To get the big fat red ugly acne ball rolling heres what i've had so far today.

One glass = ~500ml

On waking - 500ml water

2 slices gluten free bread with peanut butter

English breakfast with 3 eggs fried in coconut oil

2 Sausages


1 whole pepper

sweet potato fries

half a can of organic baked beans with the juice removed

Cup of tea

1 1000mg vit C tab

1 268 vitamin E tab

4 omega 3 caps

Damn this was awesome.

Since then -

1 glass water

1 Cup of ginger tea

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Got a beastly spot on the lower right side of my jawline/chin thats been expanding over the last couple days but I would put it down to the fact i've been gorging on too many biscuits from the joy of allowing gluten back into my diet, so I kind of expected there to be some damage. Appart from that i count;

1 upper right lip - red but not too bad

2 scars right cheek - had these for months

3 scars right cheek - as above

2 clusters on left side of forehead

2 red spots on right side of forehead

Pretty much all down to the biscuit binge im prone too, as I havnt had any cysts or such for a long time, I doubt its the gluten as much as down to the sugar, so will be keeping my diet clean over the next few days, maybe have a couple biscuits a day at most.

Changing my exercise up abit by adding in a morning run on tuesday/thursday/sunday with weight training on monday/wednesday/friday. The run is on an empty stomach and should last around 15 mins. Today it only took me about 7 mins, which was MUCH faster than I expected as its probably well over a mile and I havnt done any fitness work for over a year.

Diet today will look something like this;

meal 1

3eggs fried in coconut oil

2 sausages

mushrooms/1 pepper

3-400g sweet potato

1/2 tin organic beans with juice drained

2 slices GF bread

1 1000mg vit C/1 268mg vit E/3 omega 3 gels

meal 2

450g free range pork neck

~200g barely steamed broccoli

50g peant butter

1 1000mg vit C/1 268mg vit E/3 omega 3 gels

meal 3

250g organic beef mince

raw cauliflower/red onion

2 tablespoons EVOO

2 25mg zinc tabs

Most days food will look something like this as it actually works out surprisingly cheap and removes any foods i've eliminated.

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Had a hefty mother of a cyst pop up over the past week and im pretty sure I can pinpoint it down to either wallnuts or the banana I had, as I havnt had a proper cyst in about a year. Last week was the only time I had either of these foods in that time!

Upped the zinc to about 50-100mg alternate days and its healing, the bad thing is I know there will be a wicked great scar there for a long time.

Still taking 1 vitamin C/ 1 vitamin E tab a day but lowered the omega 3 for a while.

My diets slowly altered itself back to paleo as i've actually craved meat and veg, so its basically just meat and veg with meals, EVOO, some dark chocolate and a hella lot of water.

To finish the post, heres an interesting fact I learned the other day;

Just one night of inadequate sleep means the next day you have the insulin sensitivity of a type 2 diabetic.

If that isnt enough for you to get enough sleep every night then I dont know what is.

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Being alot more active lately, everyday doing some form of exercise except for the weekend.

Today I went for a mile or so run but did it at about 90% speed. I dont know the exact length of the route I take but its easily a mile.

Tomorrow il do some weights and skipping, then thursday some form of circuit I make up.

Diet has been something like this;

400g sweet potato

400g chicken thigh

loads of broccoli + green beans

1/4 cantaloupe

250 fullfat mince

200g cauliflow

half an avocado/1 carrot/mushrooms/1 red onion/handful of kale

bit of ketchup

4 eggs and 100g strawberries to snack on.

Face overal is looking OK I guess, not great. The thing thats most annoying is the battlefield the breakout on my forehead has left. Probably about 10+ marks of varying sizes. Appart from this I have probably about 5 or so active spots and alot more red marks on my cheeks.

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Hi ben90,

Do you use any topicals?

And interesting about the type two diabetes.


Hey, sorry about taking so long to reply but I havn't really been following the forums so much!

No, I dont use any topicals (appart from below), just water on my face once a day. I've done my fair share of creams back in the day when I knew little :(

That brings me nicely onto the reason I come t the thread! My newest addition is Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate). I've been using this for about a week and a half now and the results are incredible... heres what I do. Get yourself a spray bottle (small) and mix 100ml of filtered water with 10grams of epsom salt, let it settle for about 5 mins and give it a good shake. Spray your entire face before you goto bed and just let it dry. It is a pretty wierd feeling, like when your face gets REALLY dry from a horrible high street cleanser.

When it dries it feels very drying to your skin, but don't worry as thats just the salt crystalizing, NOT your skin drying out. It takes some getting used to but is 100% worth it.

I also add about 300g to my baths 3 times a week, it's a great way to keep your magnesium levels high (most people are severlely deficient, especially people who exercise), which is a shame because magnesium is pretty damn important.

Its great at softening your skin, too. Since using it I havn't had to moistureize AT ALL, and I used to have really flakey skin.

In about 1/2 weeks I have gone from having loads of acne everywhere to now having about 1 small one, with the rest being red marks. Its amazing!

Edited by ben90

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Have an MRI scan NYE and i've been told to only have light meals 2 days leading upto it. I've decided I might as well take the opportunity to fast and see what effect is has on my face. At the moment I have like 2-3 active spots, the rest are marks, even the past chocolate and suggary dessert bender over christmas seems to of done little to my face!

Come the new year my resolution is to simply be consistant with my diet and making sure I don't miss a gym session unless im ill, I have a lot of lost progress to be making up from being a lazy twat the past year.

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