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L-Gluatmine ACNE FREE

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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to write and tell you that what FINALLY cleared up my skin was l-glutamine, a non-essential amino acid. I mixed 5 grams of the powder in water/juice 3x a day for one month and now maintain my skin by using 5grams in liquid 1x daily. It's really nothing short of a miracle.

I had suffered from acne for over a decade, the cysts on my face seemed to get worse and worse, and (though it's cliche) I had literally tried everything. The regime cleared my skin but left terrible red marks and dry patches on my skin, oral antibiotics wrecked my digestive system, herbal remedies and gentle cleansers did little to nothing. It wasn't until I saw a naturopathic doctor last year that I learned about l-glutamine. I saw results within a week.

I could launch into why I think it works, what it does in the body, etc but I will leave that to you and google. I really recommend it, though. It's no joke, I only have the occasional pimple now and my skin GLOWS.

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Obviously it's recommended for leaky gut, but whenever I would do searches on google it seemed like majority of the people said it caused them bad acne problems instead of solved it. So I was kind of confused, since in theory it should be great, but was doing the opposite to many people. Nice to see it work for you.

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I used to use a lot of this as a dietary supplement for training. Didn't notice a difference to my skin quality so I guess it's down to the individual.

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