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I am not sure if everyone already knows of this site, so I am just referring to those who don’t know about it. It's a site that real people ask common and non common q's about things related to the face/skin, body, etc. The questions are either answered by real PROFESSIONAL doctors or people who have had the same experiences. I saw it and thought it was quite useful. So, why not share it??? RealSelf.com (Main Page)

These are photos posted by some of the doctors who are active on the site. Before & After shots If you click on the pics they send you to the doctor's profile. A lot of the photos were quite surprising with the outcomes (and most of the photos didn't do that lil' trick that some doctors use with "before and after" shots. The one where they use flash on the "after" photo which results in making the skin look better than it is) This one is a great example of a good "before & after" Click Here!

This is their "Top Doctors Directory"Doctors Directory You kind find top doctors in your area. (I don't know if these doctors are actually "top" doctors. So make sure you look into everything yourself.)

They have an expert Q&A section, as well. It's worth looking into for those who are stammered on certain things about treatments and the issues themselves. (I know I am.....!)

Has anyone ever used this site before? If so, was it very useful?

I hope this can help those who are confused about certain things such as acne scar treatment. I haven't even really dived into the site myself, but I thought I'd let other people take a peek at it. Tell me what you think??? (Thumbs up or down?) :think:

**Excuse the grammar and mistakes...I'm like so tired and I'm up studying like a crazy person!!!! UGH!** :doh:

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Hey, yes, I've seen this site. Looked at it before I had C02 laser. Very helpful. Thanks!

Cool. So how did the C02 laser treatment go?

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