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Washing Your Face Pre-Exercise?

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If I were going to workout or go running early in the evening, should I wash my face beforehand to clean off all the dirt and sweat accumulated throughout the day?

Here's my logic: sweating opens up the pores on your face, right? So unless you wash your face beforehand, all the crap on your face will just go in and clog pores, etc -- correct?

(Sorry if asked before, but I can't find the specific combination of words to search for this specific issue.)

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I feel the same way. Especially if you have applied BP, moisturizer and/or sunscreen. From what I've heard, if you are wearing anything on your face whether it be oil free or non-comedegenic, when you work out and sweat a lot there's a high chance that it may cause you to breakout ... also it feels more irritating because the sweat is mixing with all the stuff you have on your face plus any additional dirt and oil accumulated through the day. I usually use my Cetaphil to do a quick gentle wash before I workout or run ... or else I just splash my face with cold water to quickly remove anything on my face. The way I see it, even though most people tell you only to wash twice a day, the quick wash will be less irritating than sweating with all that junk on your face. Just my opinion tongue.gif

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I wash my face before exercise because when sweat drips down, it's combined with BP, and can bleach your clothing

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