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My early journey so far!!!

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Hey guys!

Ive been browsing the scar board for the last few months and have decided to register.

I have struggled with acne for over ten years and have been messed around by endocrinologists, derms had lots of invasive tests, scans to try and find something more sinister etc to be finally told you have bad skin go away and me happy!

So after a major outbreak this year of cystic acne I went to my derm and litterally begged to be put on my second course of accutane. (my last course was 8 years ago).

The accutane was a nightmare lips, depression etc then started to notice wtf is happening to my face, skin tone crap, dry and indentations out of nowhere. Dont get me wrong I have three indentations (pits) on my right cheek but have learned to accept them became part of my character and did not bother me that much but since being on the tane bloody hell!

Freaked out, spent days in bed depressed swapping one problem for another! So disheartening no one who doesnt/hasnt gone through it cant possible understand. I could not bare to see any of my friends or people that new me how I once was.

Anyway this is cutting a long story really short....

I went to my lovely doc who has known my struggles over the years and she put me on prozac has helped alot! I had heard about Dr Chu but never thought I would have a hope in hell of getting referred through the NHS. I went to see a few weeks ago to weeks after stopping the tane(excellent for clearing spots but not for indentations) I was able to see Dr Che after 3 months.

I recieved Nlite & TCA cross on a few of my forehead boxcars! He was very good but rushed. I assumed that I had ice picks but he told me they were box.

My next appointment came through but its not till Feb as he is an extremelybusy man so have booked another appointment to see him privately to get another nlite and some more tca cross.

I have regained some hope as I was dreading the 6 month wait after the tane but nlite and cross according to him are ok. I must stress he only crossed acouple on my temple to see how they respond.

I am hoping the repeated nlite with aid with the collagen production for the cross and after 6 months after the tane if I am still not happy I can go on to more invasive treatments.

Just wanted to share with you all that might be in my position its bloody awful and I dont feel i can relate to anybody anymore and find my sanctuary in this board most of the time!

I will update soon after my next appointment and hopefully make some headway in this acne scarring curse but what we must try and remember even though its hard there are alot more other people far far worse.

Good night and god bless try and stay positive x

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