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hey!! i've been reading messages on these boards for a long time and i've been very relieved to know that things like these exist. it's like a support group that's there 24/7!!

anyways, i was wondering if some of you could help me with something. i've always had fairly clear skin until last summer when i came back from san fran. i started having painful cystic pimples on my chin. i was using st. ives medicated apricot scrub then and i stopped using it. i could tell it wasn't helping. i ordered proactiv, the ads sucked me right in... i started using it in december and i started getting painful cystic pimples on my cheeks this time. they left red scars and it was really ugly. i stopped breaking out around my chin and jawline for a while, but i usually get pimples around my jawline once a month, before i get my period... probably the hormonal reflexes and stuff, but at least it's controllable now...

well, i stopped using proactiv day and night, and i started using it only at night. in the morning i wash my face with colloidal silver soap from korea. it's been about 7 months since i've been on proactiv and i don't know if it's the proactiv that made the difference or the aloe gel&clearasil (bp) combo that i began using a month before that has made my skin so much more better...

but i started using aloe gel religiously and clearasil bp cream. i've noticed a significant improvement in my skin...

SO, i was wondering if some of you could help me out here. do you all think it could be the aloe gel and clearasil combo that helped me or the proactiv???

and i also started to drink a LOT of water... about a gallon and a half a day...

whew.. if you read all of this, you get five stars in my book! biggrin.gif

my regimen


-colloidal silver soap

-aloe gel on dry areas

-block and white (scar removing lotion from the philippines) contains AHA and spf 20


-proactiv wash

-proactiv toner

-proactiv repairing lotion only on certain areas, because my skin is sensistive in areas without pimples.

-clearasil bp cream (spot treatment)

-aloe gel on top of clearasil cream to moisturize

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