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Quick question I really need answered...

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Ok I just started developing a few pimples on the spot in between my eyes, where my unibrow is and I used both astringent and the BP on it.But I have noticed that the spot there is kind of red.So what is causing that redness?That astringent or the BP?


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Lol thanks anyways, but that's not it.I have been doing the regimen for about a year now.

Any help anyone?

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Yes, but have you been applying BP consistently on that spot?

What astringent? Lots of them have alcohol in them which can be irritating.

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my old astrigent (pre-discovery of this site) contained SD alcohol, peppermint oil, menthol, and fragrance. all of these can be aggrivating, SD alcohol and menthol being worst, which gave it a "sting" when I applied, which i thought meant it was working sad.gif

i used this horrible stuff a lot

Noxzema Astringent 2in1

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Can anyone just please give me a simple answer, with which one is doing it please? sad.gif

EDIT: The name of the astringent is Neutrogena Clear Pore astringent.

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I'm guessing the astringent contains salicylic acid. That is bad news in conjunction with bp.

Skip the astringent and concentrate on bp.

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