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What the heck is this???

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I've been clearing up with great success thanks to oral antibiotics and BP. I had a little bit of acne left though and I wanted to get rid of it quick (STUPID IDEA!).

But anyways, my mom got me some of this Noxzema face wash stuff. I started using it and the next day I got wierd looking red rash looking place on my neck and chin areas.

For some reason, I kept using this face wash (ANOTHER STUPID IDEA!). Well it's been about two weeks and my face looks pretty bad. But the thing is, it doesn't look or feel like acne. This stuff on my face never goes to a whitehead or blackhead. It itches all the time and is really red. My pimples always come to a whitehead and never itch.

So, I started looking and the ingredients of this face wash today and it contains fragrance. I looked at some other soap that I used to wash my face a few months ago that broke me out and it also contains fragrance.

Then I remembered that before I could drive and my mom had to give me a ride to school, I would always sneeze a lot because of her perfume. Perfume obviously contains fragrance. So basically, what I'm getting at is that I think that I'm allergic to fragrance.

Two questions: Is it possible to be allergic to fragrance? And if so, how do I get rid of this rash on my face from the fragrance?

Thanx a lot for the help. (and I didn't mean to write a novel! lol)

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Yes, you can have an allergic reaction to fragrance and it also can irritate the skin. About getting rid of it I am really not sure because a anti-itch cream probably will aggravate the acne. :oops:

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hey, i had the same problem, after about 2 months on the regimn i started breaking out in this rash that looked awful and was exteremly itchy!! try using vaseline or pure aloe gel, it helped me, also u can get this stuff called prevex, that helpes get rid of rashes.

l8er :)

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I am not a dermatologist but sounds like allergic contact dermatitis...red? itchy? scaley? bumpy? I have got it from many products including: hairdye, nivea products, lancome products, shesiedo sunscreens, insect repellent....

A cortesone cream might get rid of some of the swelling and redness. Stop using the product and don't use it again ever ...unless you want a more extreme rash next time. But before you throw it away copy down the ingredient list and 1) keep it somewhere safe for future reference and comparison 2) check the ingredients against a list of common irritants and allergens so you can try and ascertain the cause.

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