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Severe acne back, face, neck, chest

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Hello, i'm 15 and my face is ok for me just now, that's not too much of a problem. However my neck is FULL with acne and it's like red raw on the back. I have been picking it, but am trying to get out of the habit (Which is REALLY hard).

My back i have picked as well for some time, but again trying to stop. However my neck hurts ALOT! and i try and hide my neck all the time. Basically i look like a penguin walking around -.-. And i skip school because of it too (Before anyone says, i know it's a bad decision, however this acne isn't just a few 'spots' It's full on red and bumpy)

What can i do? I heard about accutane but i don't know about that I would rather go 'natural'


Oh and also, please don't tell me not to skip school etc, as you don't know the situation i am in or what i look like. I have seen this on these forums before :/

Edit: Here is a picture (NOT ME)


It's about 30x worse than that, and lots and lots more redness and spots.

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Ask your doctor for antibiotics, regular doctor, not necessarily a dermatologist, altho you MUST visit one too, dont make my mistake and delay it for 10 years. Accutane can affect growth of bones, at 15 years thats a big gamble.

And I DO suggest that you skip school. Because that little happiness you can grow on your own can be shattered by others which dont understand this acne situation. At the moment you need only good emotions and peoples of the best type around you- friends, brothers, cousins.

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Another reason not to take accutane ^^

I've had acne as long as i can remember, but teen years i guess you do get more spot's but.. Yeah

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People said it's not reccomended to use products on your neck acne, but i did and the next day it's gone down quite alot, ill only use it once a night tho :)

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