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My Isotretinoin Regimen (it worked!)

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Isotretinoin Skincare Regimen

I hope this is helpful for someone just starting! Or gives them ideas of what to expect.

Background info that is important:

When I first got on Isotretinoin I was told I would need to use only Cetaphil and intense moisturizers. What I found is that I hated the Cetaphil, it left a sort of film on my face (I think it's supposed to but I hated it.) So I searched for something that actually left my face feeling clean. The Aveda Cleanser is perfect, it has Jojoba Oil (great for Isotretinoin users) in its exfoliating beads, as well as mango butter. After using it my face feels clean but not uncomfortably dry. Also, before Isotretinoin I had oily hair and absolutely HAD to wash it everyday, no exceptions. During treatment once every other day was plenty, so be wary of that, even if you have an oily scalp. Oh, and I think it's important to mention that I am a full 50% Italian, and the other 50% is just typical western European scottish/english whiteness. However, besides being a bit paler than the average Italian, my skin's traits are characteristic of those with Mediterranean descent (e.g. I tan rather than burn in sun (never had a sunburn), my skin is olive colored even in winter when I'm pale, no freckles but I do get small moles, larger pores and oily skin (NO dryness whatsoever pre-Isotretinoin). Therefore, something like the Aveda Scrub or the St. Ives (or esp. the spot treatment!) may not work for someone who is more western or northern European, as you may have more sensitive skin. In that case, at least try something more gentle especially if you have combination skin and had any dryness along with your acne before treatment. If you have a background similar to mine, this might work amazingly for you as it did for me! That being said, here is what kept me looking completely normal during Isotretinoin treatment! These products were miracles for me!


Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Scrub lips with towel and apply Aquaphor

Lubricant Eyedrops (I like Visine Advanced Relief)

-Use as needed throughout the day, I only needed them once a day but some people needmore!


Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer

For Zits: Clean and Clear Advantage spot treatment (with SA)

-Just MAKE SURE you get the stuff (which has Salicylic Acid in it! Bad) ONLY on the zit itself! Don't rub it around! Try applying it with a Q-Tip instead of your finger or it will create a huge dry spot on your face! I made this mistake a couple times our of laziness and it's really hard to repair the dry spot.

Constantly throughout the day:

Aquaphor on lips!!

I cannot stress this enough. Buy a big tub for your house/room and the little 2 pack pocket-sized tubes to take with you everywhere. Seriously, don't leave without it! If you exfoliate you lips once a day and slather this stuff on I can pretty much guarantee your lips will look normal.Please note there is NO other product like Aquaphor. Vaseline is pure petroleum jelly. That means it can lock moisture in, but doesn't provide any. Chapsticks are the same way. When you're on Isotretinoin, your lips have no moisture to begin with so attempting to hold it in with waxes (like chapstick) simply won't work. At first I tried just putting Jojoba oil (which provides moisture) on my lips, but it dried up within 15 minutes. That's because it doesn't have the ability to lock moisture in. Aquaphor is the miracle combination of these 2 types of products. It is 41% Petroleum jelly (locks in moisture), but also has mineral oils, glycerin and panthenol (moisturizers). It works better and faster and you can apply less often! Anyway, make sure to reapply anytime you feel it starting to wear off. You pretty much cannot use too much.


St. Ives Apricot Scrub SENSITIVE SKIN VERSION (gets rid of flakiness but be VERY gentle and only for problem spots! For me it was eyebrows, around the nose and around the lips)

- DO NOT get “Invigorating†or (God forbid) the Blemish fighting one with SA!

Sugar Scrub for hands (just sugar and handsoap or you can add a little honey and water)

-DO NOT forget to extensively moisturize with the most powerful moisturizer you have after these treatments.

- Girls if you care a lot about your nails – cuticle oil! Also on that note keep your nails a bit shorter. I found mine chipped more easily during these months and usually I have really strong nails. Keeping them painted prevented any major breakage though.

Shower (every other day):

30 min before: Massage Pure Jojoba Oil into scalp (gets rid of dry [and sometimes flaky. Ew] scalp)

Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Shampoo and Conditioner (my hair is not color treated but it's super moisturizing.)

Caress “Evenly Gorgeous†Exfoliating and Moisturizing Body Wash

Excellent body moisturizer for after: Medline REMEDY with Olivamine “Nutrashieldâ€

You can find this lotion online (drugstore.com), but I've never seen it in stores. Its primary use is actually for diaper rash! Unusually enough I came across it when my grandpa was in a nursing home. It has silicone in it, so when you first put it on it will feel weird and like it is not absorbing, but stick with it and keep rubbing it in. It WILL disappear and it keeps my skin moisturized really well until my next shower..I never have to repeat applications!

Product Shopping List:

Aveda Tourmaline Charged Exfoliating Cleanser

Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer, SPF 15

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel (or cream for more sensitive skin)

St. Ives Apricot Scrub in Sensitive Skin

Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment

Medline REMEDY with Olivamine Nutrashield

Aura Cacia (or any brand you find, but this is pretty cheap) Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

Visine Advanced Relief Lubricant/Redness Relief Eyedrops

AQUAPHOR Healing Ointment by Eucerin

Herbal Essences “Color Me Happy†Shampoo and Conditioner

Caress “Evenly Gorgeous†Exfoliating and Moisturizing Body Wash


Sugar and Honey for hand scrub if you don't have any

Cuticle Oil / Strengthening Nail Polish formula?

Q-Tips for Spot Treatment (Highly Recommended!)

Hope this Helps!

p.s. I am about a 3 weeks from being done with my treatment. :) YES!

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wow you posted this in 2010 so I highly doubt you are still here. But have you had success with the acne not coming back? Atleast moderate acne?

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