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Oily Skin, Should I wash it?!

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First off...

Hi everyone. First post, although have been reading here on and off for a while (over several years) whenever my spots get bad enough for me to warrant scouring the internet for treatments!

I have a few questions:

1) I have been using BP on my face for a few years now,

- first in the form of quinoderm (10 % BP i used to apply to single spots only),

- since last summer i've used Duac (a clindamycin and 5% BP mix for those that arent familiar)

And I have just started to use it in the recommended way as stated in the Regimen (albeit using duac for now until my 2.5% stuff comes).

Is it okay for me to start with the full amount of BP daily, i assume so as my face is well accustomed to it by now?

2) I've only been using the Regimen for the last couple of days, and had quite a chilled weekend at home and it has seemed to make a difference. Not necessarily visually yet in the number of spots I have, but I was never really moisturising well afterwards, and the addition of cetaphil moisturiser after the BP has made quite a difference to how my skin feels... less oily but at the same time not dry, i like it!.

However, today I was at college and it was quite warm, especially in my car with its dodgy air conditioning and I got home this afternoon and my face was a bit oily, particularly n my cheek bones. I'm not sure if i should rinse it (washing more than twice a day is bad so i hear) or in fact what i can do. I don't particularly want my face looking and feeling oily, but at the same time I know washing/rubbing could be counter-productive.

I have very high cheek bones and don't want to apply duac on there particularly as it's very close to my eyes and as i know from past experience can sting from the vapor.

3) Will missing a day of the Regimen make a big difference? For instance I go to my girlfriends who has moved to uni at weekends, so i'd miss out on friday night/saturday morning and saturday night.

Will this completely negate all the other hard work i'd put in? I'm not sure she'd appreciate the taste of benzoyl peroxide when she kissed me, nor do i want to bleach her pillows haha!

She knows i'm doing it all but does get a bit funny sometimes if I tell her not to touch my face just after i've washed it and stuff...

FINALLY!, I'm currently using some free tubes of cetaphil moisturising cream that my father (a GP) got me to try out, but am going to buy the lotion instead in a hope it'll be easier to apply and possibly help in the whole oily skin situation, as spreading the cream is exasperating at times... trying to spread it evenly but not just ball up all the duac on my face... not cool.

And, thankyou to Dan and all the other contributors on this site for putting together such a comprehensive list of knowledge on products, methods and opinions on treatments, it has been a real help!!

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I'm new to the regimen also so I'm no seasoned expert, but instead of having to wash your face an extra time if it gets oily a great idea is the oil blotter papers, you can buy them all over the place, you just hold it to the oily patch and it takes the oil right off :) I've been on the regimen 2 weeks now and my face is starting to get oily again so i use the papers, there only small so u can carry them around also. Also u might wanna try a different moisturiser, I am in a whole trial and error thing with them at the mo so I can only tell you not to buy Olay moisturizing cream as it turns too thick on top of BP :|

I don't think missing an application would hurt now and again but if u plan on spending lots of time round ur GF's, take an old T-shirt with u and slip it over the pillowcase, I do that at home anyway to save my bed linins :)

HTH's + good luck!


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