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Redness Isn't Going- Look At Picture

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I have Been on accutane for about 1 Month now.About 1 year ago i started getting red blotches all over my face.There was no spots there but still a red patch all over.I have tried everything to reduce redness but its not working.,Can you look at the pictures and tell me what you think it is and any advice for it.I dont mind the acne because it looks mild but the redness is killing my confidence and self esteem. .Thankyou



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The derm didnt really explain anything about the redness.I think it was more on the acne but now its pretty small i want the redness to go.

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So the blotches not seem to be related to the acne??

If your skin is oily at all it might be Seb Dermatitis. But if you are on Accutane, even if it is SD, as your skin dries over the course of your treatment it should eventually go away.

...Can you give some further info as to what makes it worse or seems to help a little?

E.g. does it get worse with exercise/sweat/heat or moisture? does sunshine help? (these two things would indicate Seb dermatitis)

...or does the area ever burn? are you very sensitive to the sun or not really??? (could be Rosacea, something like Lupus, or other photosensitive conditions).

... does it itch? is there any flakes?

Because it started before Accutane I dout it's an Accutane drug reaction but isotretinoin may be potentially exasberating it?? Were you on any other medications when the issue first started? e.g. antibiotics or anything???

Let us know...

Best, Shantelle

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Erm no i dont think they are related to it because they havent gone down and there is barley any actually there.Also the red doesnt get any worse or bad really it only looks less angry at night when its all lighter.The area is saw and when i go out i use SPF 50.The skin is flaking abit but thats cos accutane is drying it out and no its not really itchy.


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