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Hey! I'm new and looking for advice for my situation

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Hey guys! So around 6 months ago I had mild-severe acne on my body. Thankfully my acne on my face isn't too bad as long as i'm not touching my face or eating greasy.

Now 4 months ago I decided to cut out 99% of the dairy I ate from my diet. ( I used to consume around 4 gallons of milk...a week.) And I guess I found the main contributer to my acne as I went from mildish/severe body acne (Not even wanting to take off a shirt, even though I'm fit) to only having light acne on my upperarm/shoulder and the odd couple inflammed acne on my back/body.

I'm new to the site so I thought i'd share my story of how I got rid of 90% of my acne. I'm sure most of you already know that dairy is a contributer but I didn't know it was THAT bad to be one of the main causes.

Anyways, So I've gotten rid of 90% of my body acne and now feel comfortable without a shirt. However I seem to be left with litterally hundreds of bumps over my skin on my entire body (moreso on my back) and they are kind of like permanent goosebumps I guess. I think the correct term for them are comedones? I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist to see what course of action I should take, and I hope she doesn't just try to turn me to accutane because I would like to eliminate my problem naturally.

My question is do any of you guys have experience with having hundreds of commedones on your body, and what advice would you guys suggest?

Thanks a million,


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