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I have been on Pantothenic acid for a little over 1 month now. With only a dose of no more than 500mg I was doing great and nearly clear.

But recently my skin flared up again. And I don't know what's the cause. I have been eating as usual, exercising as usual and used the same makeup as always.

1. It should be around the time of the month now, so that could explain it. Although it is more than I usually have during menstrual flare up. Is there anything for this?

2. I thought it would be the hard water. Where I live the mineral level is quite high. Higher than at home where I was nearly clear this summer.

3. My skin was already going a little downhill, but it reached it's peak once I got back on omega oils. It's an Omega 3-6-9 supplement. I take 2 a day. The dosage is:

Fishoil 500mg

Starflower/Borage oil 50mg

Flaxseed oil 50mg

Vitamin E oil 3,3mg

Note: I have taken this before and then I didn't notice a reaction like I have now.

So please help me out here! What's wrong and how do I fix it?

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I can't answer exactly bu...

Don't supplement omega3-6-9, omega 6 is almost certainly prevalent in your diet and you only need to supplement with omega 3 to restore an optimum o6/o3 ratio. omega 9 is not an essential fatty acid like 3 and 6.

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iherb.com is what I use

As for the monthly thing, that suggests to me that you need to change up your acne supplementation. I used to always break out at the beginning of each month (mild) even after incorporating my vits.

I just kept rotating and taking out what wasn't working, kept what was, and bought others i hadn't tried yet. I think i've found my perfect combo now as I get like nothing anymore :surprised:

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