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Taking Roaccutane W/O Prescription

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Hello Everyone! I have a few questions, but I'm not sure if I'm asking at the right place. Ok first of all let me tell you all that I have been on accutane for almost 2 months now and it appears to be working great, I either have no acne or maybe I'll get 1-3 zits and thats it. I use to get whiteheads all the time around my whole face, that I would pop everyday and then I would just get more everywhere. But after about 3 weeks of roaccutane I havent seen many maybe 2 at the most. Anyways like the title said I started taking roaccutane without going to a doctor! I'm taking 2 20mg tabs a day. 1 at 6 in the morning and 1 at 6 at night, I try to keep it as close as possible but sometimes I miss a few hours. Anyways I was wondering if this dosage sounds right to you guys? I'm a 24 year old male and I weigh about 165lbs. Do you think I should stick on this dosage or should I up it? Also I was wondering how many of you have taken accutane and never had your acne come back? And how many have taken it and it has come back? Well thanks in advance for any help and advice given!!!

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Considering you didnt go to a doctor or get blood test first, and I guess you wont be getting regular blood tests now? I would suggest you stick with your current dosage since its working well for you, it would be risky to go higher without proper mediacal advice. Especially if you drink regular amounts of alchohol.

I was on the roa a few years ago, it cleared me up perfect, I took 60mg a day for most of the process. Ive started getting spots again now (roughly 2 and a half years on). Typically the odd big cysts every few weeks with some occasional pimiples inbetween (At the time of writing I have 2 biggish painfull cysts which r driving me mad!).

I still have 70 x 20mg roa pills left over from last time and I too am taking it without doctor advice/blood tests etc, but only at 20mg (1 pill) a day as I know the risks involved. This should keep me going for a couple of months and hopefully nip any arrising problem in the bud. Im gonna stick at 20mg as I still in fact drink alchohol on a fairly regular basis (you may all start frowning..... now). I did actually drink regular while i was on high doasge last time around (continue frowning) but it caused no problems at all. But best be on the safe side this time around.

in summary, after 2 months with good results you would reather be looking to lower the dosage rather than up it, and yeeees, my spots eventually came back to haunt me, as many peoples do. lifes a bitch but what u gonna do.

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Thanks Phil B, That sux that they come back for you, I think its like a 50/50 chance for most people that they come back. They say the second time you take it is a lot more likely to go away for good. I drink but mainly on weekends if I go clubbing or something( if my face isn't too shot), and it hasn't been lately. My acne I think was very mild, because whenever I mentioned it to someone like a friend they say they didn't even really notice it. I guess its true that you are your own worst critic. A few dots on your face to you is horrible and depressing when other people more than likely dont even notice. Which I can see being true because I think like 90 or more percent of people have acne and I rarely notice it on people( will now I do cause I kinda look lol). But my face is being clear for the most part while I'm on this ,so I guess I'll stick with it for awhile .I'm just not sure when I should go off it. Do you think maybe it my hormones raging or something(like a teen)? Most of my family has clear face for the most part my brother get them here and there and they are all older. They have never taken anything like roaccutane though.

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yeah, I think another course of the stuff will clear it for good. But i cant get a prescription off my derm as the spots that have come back now are ultra mild. They wont even consider issuing me more pills for a few spots every now and then. Its a shame you have to wait till your covered in them so you can get the treatment. I was prescribed oxytet... again.... sod that, Ill just polish off my remaining roa and do the regimin, which is in fact working v well.

I know what u mean about not noticing acne on people. Im sure most conceal it someway, you can usual spot it on people real close up (mind the pun).

I came off the roa a couple of weeks after i had cleared up from advice from my derm. She said it stays in your system for along time after anyhow, which it really does, the side effects take a while to go (dry lips in particular). I would recommend the same to you. Once you go a couple of weeks without getting any new spots and your clear quit it.

As for hormones and the like, it just seems totally random to me. My mum, dad and sis have flaweless skin, never had spot problems! yet I have somehow, i dont get it. Nature is a wierd thing, you would have thought somewhere along the evolution process it would have realised these skin problems, adapted and dealt with it, musta got f*cked up along the line.

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Did you know that you can get the pills from Europe? Thats where I get mine from you dont need a prescription! I get them from there for 2 reasons 1 being that I dont have the money to go to a dermatologist(and have them put me on everything but accutane first and waste my money) and 2 being that I think it is a lot cheaper and the place I get mine from is quick with the shipping(usally within a week). I get the pills for about 128.00 for 30x20mg thats including shipping. Here is the link http://deltapharmacy.net/shop/index.php if that doesnt work just go to deltapharmacy.com or something. Let me know if this helps you out! wink.gif

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