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Super Pimple/Cyst on Penis shaft - Single Occurrance - not a STD

Hi all,

Originally, I posted this within another thread (Sept 22) and thought I'd follow up with some additional info now that some more time has passed and it's basically cleared up. I started this thread in the hopes that this may help someone else as it not only gave me a pretty good scare, but it also happened in a "weird" place and was really touch and go (no pun intended) for a little bit there.


I wrote:

My symptoms are almost exactly as described in the post by lalaisland06,

Hello, I understand that this issue has previously been answered and I have carefully read all the answers. BUT I would like to post a reply anyway because I've been having a similar problem and it makes me anxious.

I have a zit that hurts a little but only if I touch it. It's located on my penis near the beginning (closer to my body); never had it near the top. I've been able to press it and makes puss or/and water come out of it, but it's still there and still hurts when I touch it and if I press it again, bloood comes out. I have had these in the past and I know from experience that now that the liquid stuff has come out, it'll heal and disapear in a couple of days if I stop masturbating or touch it till then. It'll leave a scar, that will eventually disapear too.


It looks like a pimple, but a Uber-Pimple that hurts more (probably because it's on my penis !). ... It's red, really defined and roundish like a pea but a smaller.


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So it's still hanging on, just as it seemed as if it was going to go away, it's decided to hang in as a bump. A slight squeeze and it excretes a little bit of clearish lightly bloody fluid. Back to the Proactive spot cream stuff to see if that takes care of it. I'll update as things occur. We'll have to see how resilient this sucker really is...

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